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Serverless Hosting

Deploy in seconds, up forever.

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Automatic rollbacks

If something goes wrong, Voxis will rollback your changes before users are affected.

Infinite scaling

Future-proof scaling that allows you to grow from a few thousand requests to millions.

Zero configuration

Focus on building your software, not configuring servers and delivery pipelines.

What is Voxis?

Second-Generation Serverless

Serverless is the next big paradigm in software. Get one step ahead of the curve and explore how Voxis can build and deploy your app anywhere in the world in seconds. From a single function to a constellation of microservices consisting of thousands of containers. We’ve got you covered.

Infinite Scaling

Configuring and adjusting autoscaling parameters need not be a pain. We believe the platform is better placed than any of us to understand your application’s needs. Voxis continuously monitors and scales your application based on resource usage and intelligent demand modelling.

World-Class Redundancy

A truly serverless platform should never go down. Voxis spreads your application across multiple availability zones so in the unlikely event our hardware or one of our datacenters goes down, your application won’t. We’ll guarantee your application will always be available.

Native Docker Support

There’s no need to modify your application to run on our platform. Voxis supports the latest version of Docker as a first-class citizen, allowing you to run almost any software in any configuration you can dream up. Simply drop a Voxis config file into your repo and push, and you’re ready to go.

Predict and Control Costs

Does your current hosting platform make it easy to see how much a particular application is costing you? How about a breakdown of all the costs associated with a function? Don’t put up with being in the dark about your costs. Voxis is clear on cost, and will help you to set sensible limits to stay in control.

Automatic Rollbacks

You don’t need the hassle of pesky code breaking your app for end users. Rollbacks should be automatic and instant, with zero downtime. That’s why Voxis carefully deploys the latest changes alongside existing production environment and checks for problems before tearing down the old version.

Zero Configuration

Deploying applications should be way simpler, no matter their complexity. Voxis brings beautiful simplicity to application deployment and hosting, with intelligent defaults and flexible customisation for those who need it. Hook up your code repository and push. Voxis handles the rest.


It’s impossible to root out every single bug and cover every edge case, so when things do go wrong, we’ve got you covered. Voxis ensures multiple copies of your application are running and can recover a failed service in milliseconds. And your users will be none the wiser.

Full Insight and Logging

Serverless shouldn’t leave you in the dark. Voxis gives you full insight into how your application is behaving in production including resource usage, error rates, predicted demand, and complete real-time logging of every service without any additional setup.

Per-Second Billing

We don’t think you should have to pay for capacity you may never use. That’s why Voxis only bills for the time your code is executing, in one-second intervals. We’ll even automatically point out areas of your application you can optimise to reduce costs so you never pay more than you need to.